20 Unique Virtual Event ideas that will inspire your next event.

In the Post- Covid world (that is if we ARE indeed post covid), Where the novel virus has stopped most activities in their tracks, one industry that has perhaps suffered worse than most is the Event sector. However, in such a time, Virtual events have come to the rescue of the beleaguered industry. In fact, virtual innovation has made it possible to have extraordinary online encounters that can line up perfectly with your objectives. Be it a high stakes exhibition, a virtual organizational meeting or a fun get together for similar minded professionals, Virtual Reality has got you covered.

Cutting edge tech has made virtual events into fully immersive experiences with interactive 3D virtual stores, virtual runways and stalls now becoming more popular with brands and organizations that have decided to turn the covid adversity into an opportunity.

The following are some of the events that will surely become more and more common virtually by this year-

    • Entertainment Ideas
  1. Improv Comedy Performances
  2. Latte Art Shows
  3. Magic Shows
  4. Virtual Concerts
    • Engagement and Gamification Virtual Event Ideas
  5. Curated Session Tracks
  6. Leaderboard Challenges
  7. Virtual Photo Booths
  8. Award Badges
    • Sponsorship Virtual Event Ideas
  9. Virtual Exhibition Hall S
  10. Sponsored Sessions
  11. Sponsored Giveaways
  12. Branded Videos
    • Immersive Virtual Event Ideas
  13. Custom Avatars
  14. 3D Immersive Virtual Environments
  15. 360-Degree Tours
    • Production Virtual Event Ideas
  16. Pre-Recorded Sessions
  17. Professional In-Studio Session Recordings
  18. On-Demand Sessions
    • Graphic Design Virtual Event Ideas
  19. Motion Graphics
  20. Branded Virtual Backgrounds

With few virtual platforms available to use, choosing the correct stage becomes a troublesome job. On the other hand, picking a high quality virtual events platform that works for you service-wise is critical, because the entire point is to provide an experience as close to reality as possible.

The actual real world experience is as important as it is difficult to duplicate; one has to ensure that the stage they are picking permits them to get an encounter similar to an actual occasion. Additionally, Security is of utmost importance, with the theft of data by malicious third parties possible if safety is compromised. Other things to consider include the number of Participants, length of the event and the quality of transmission.

A good platform such as Optimize, provides a virtual stage to host and conduct all types of virtual events such as business meetings, conferences, concerts and all of the other virtual event ideas mentioned above. It provides an immersive experience in a virtual environment that looks and works similar to a real life event while being more accessible, engaging and generating more leads.

Virtual events are not merely a Covid era fad. The interest shown by the most future proof organizations in the world show that they are here to stay, grow and become the next step in the evolution of the event sector.